Andrew Kerr

Security Engineer @ Tumblr. UF c/o S2016. NYC. Fan of Ruby, coffee, & music. Get in touch:

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Security Cheatsheets

A collection of "cheatsheets" for popular security tools.


An Android app using JBL's Pulse 2 speakers to bring life to your party. Just pair the speaker, push the button, and start partying. When the countdown using the LEDs on the front of the speaker runs out and the song changes, take a drink.

Winner of State Farm's favorite hack, best hack on a .tech domain, and (second) best hack using Harman speakers at HackGSU 2016.

Hackathon Mentor Request Slackbot

Need some help at a hackathon? Use this bot to request one! When your request is received, you'll be dropped into a private Slack channel with a mentor who can help.

Written during KnightHacks 2016 and used by both hackers & mentors at SwampHacks 2016.

Mass Reblog By Tag

Reblog a bunch of awesome tagged stuff to your dope tumblelog. Used in production for @donuts and @fuckyeahcorgs.

Instagram to iMessage

Sends the most recent pictures from an Instagram tag via iMessage.